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Liquid Fertilizer Benefits

liquid fertilizer

We all know what fertilizers do. They help plants grow by supplying essential nutrients. But did you know that there are several ways to classify fertilizers? Here will see the benefits of using liquid fertilizer. Fertilizers could be:straight – provides single nutrient (e.g. nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium) or multi-nutrient – provides two or more nutrients (e.g. […]

Make Organic Compost

organic compost

Everybody has something that they love to do, and your hobby is gardening. Exploring the gardening section at your local hardware store is your ideal Saturday afternoon. Neighbors and friends always admire your garden and are asking for tips, and you like to start off each growing season with a new plant. You may think you’ve done it […]

How to Grow Mushrooms

how to grow mushrooms

Mushrooms are expensive. If you’re merely buying crimini mushrooms, you’ll pay $4-$5 per pound. But if you want anything better, you’ll end up paying $8-$16 per pound. Now, you could pick your own mushrooms if you’re near a place where they grow. But unless you’re picking morel mushrooms or really know your mushrooms, I don’t recommend […]

DIY Weed Control

weed control

There’s a saying in Spanish that goes “Mala hierba nunca muere.” In English, this translates to “A bad weed never dies.” and means that nothing bad ever happens to mean people. Luckily, that’s not the case with real weeds. If you want something bad to happen to these pesky garden invaders, all you have to do […]

Vertical Planter Gardening

vertical planter garden

Your garden might be more cramped than you’d like, but there’s an easy fix. Check out our guide on getting more space from  garden with a vertical planter. Continue reading this article on vertical gardening. Do you live in an apartment or a home with a small or no yard? Have you considered having a garden but […]

Gardening Tools List

gardening tools list

Having a beautiful garden requires more than just planting seeds. When it comes to maintaining a beautiful garden, there are tools that can make it much more bearable on your end. The best part? They don’t have to be overly complicated to use or overly expensive to purchase, either. If you’re looking for the best tools to keep […]