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legit ways to make money

Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Although 9 out of 10 ways to make money online from home are not legit. Yet, there are true online money making opportunity exist. You need to think positive. You need to use your creative mind to get one for you. You should not look for a get rich quick program to earn money from home. There are easy, free and best ways to make money online from home.Besides from being the largest source of information in the world of today, the internet has also provided employment to thousands of people across the world. However, the internet is not always a soft landing as you may also lose some money as you try to make some. As much as there are many legit ways of making money online there are also a lot of scams and frauds that will leave you disappointed.  You can read our another post on Tips to Avoid Online Scams to prevent your time and money getting into the scammers. The only way to avoid all this is knowing how to make the legit cash online. You should first learn the skills of making money online from home. As I always say that making money online is not a MAGIC. Success come through hard work, dedication and patience.  There are plenty of ways to earn legit money online but the following are 5 of the most common ways.

By Creating You Own Blog

Starting a blog is very easy as all you will need is a little creativity and passion for writing. The best thing with blogs is that you can blog about any topic that you like or you are proficient in. To make money from blogging you will first need to popularize your blog so as to attract more readers. This will be achieved by posting good quality  and informative content. Once you have a popular blog you can make money by selling advertisement space to companies on your blog and also through affiliate program. Through the affiliate program you will link to other companies and they will pay you for any customer they get through your link. You can also use Google Adsense in your blog.

Teach online classes

knowledge is a resource that if it is well utilized it can bring you money. With the internet you do not have to have a doctorate or be a professor in order to share your knowledge with others. There is a very high demand for English tutors especially in Asia and so you can make money by offering this service. All you will need to do is register in one of the sites that offer this type of services and you will be able to start teaching. However, you will probably be required to do a basic English test which should not trouble you much.

Complete surveys

Different companies are always running surveys online in order to collect information to help them improve their services or products. To make money using this method you will need to register with this companies so that they may know the appropriate surveys for you. Once this is done you will be receiving some surveys to fill and once you do this you will receive some money. One way to ensure that you make more money from surveys is registering with as many companies as possible. You shouldn't worry about the workload since most of them consist of only a few questions that you should be able to complete in a few minutes.

Freelance writing

There are very many companies out there in need of content for their websites and blogs. This companies are preoccupied with their core line of business and so they do not have time to write all the articles they may need. For you on the other hand time may not be a problem. By registering on different sites that offer these services to such companies you will get the opportunity to write these articles and get paid for them. However, you should be prepared to submit a few samples to prove that you will be able to write quality content and you will also need to do a basic English test. Examples of sites where you can be able to sell your writing services include Elance and Odesk.

Affiliate program

Affiliate programs are probably one of the easiest ways to make money online from home and it is almost effortless. A good example of this is the Amazon associates program. First, you will need to register as an Amazon associate on their website. From their  you can start making money by posting some of their products on your website. If a customer clicks on a product on your site he or she will be redirected back to Amazon to make the purchase. As an associate you will get to share the profits that Amazon will make from this sale. This is a very easy way to make money since all you will need to do is share the product on your website by reviewing it to convince customers to purchase it. You will surely need your won website to share Amazon product links. You have build a website within 30 seconds here, absolutely free.There are plenty of other ways to make money online all you will need is to spare a few hours a day and do some research on whichever way you want to use to make some cash online. to promote businesses to customers from different parts of the world and the cost of doing could me much less.

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