SiteGround Review - August 2018 - Premium Share Hosting

SiteGround Review – Premium Shared Hosting Service

Updated January 26, 2018

Our SiteGround review will give you lots of important facts about SiteGround hosting services. We are sharing this SiteGround hosting review in order to help you explore your options. After all, a lot of companies offer Web hosting. Since there is so much choice, learning about the features of different services will be really helpful.

Today, we’re going to showcase the main benefits of SiteGround’s services, with a mind to helping you make a wise decision as a consumer. You should be able to find plenty of other feedback about this service via the World Wide Web. However, we’re going to cover all of the bases here, so you don’t need to spend time checking out other online resources if you don’t want to.

Let’s start with overall benefits. There are many, as this company really does offer impressive services for fair prices, as well as quick servers and the right technical support and features.

Benefits of SiteGround Hosting

First off, you should know that this company gives you choices. This means that you’ll be able to choose from shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and reseller hosting. The company offer three tiers of service plans for Shared Hosting, as well as easy online signup for cloud hosting. Shared hosting is what most people are used to and want. However, cloud hosting is an interesting option as it’s fully-managed, may be scaled to suit needs and offers the speed that people want. You’ll find that you’re able to personalize your plan when you choose cloud-based hosting via SiteGround.

If you want dedicated hosting, you’ll find that this company’s dedicated hosting services are top-notch. They feature premium servers which are managed by industry pros. As well, this particular service features plenty of unique software which helps to improve the performance of servers and to give clients the ultimate in functionality.

Reseller hosting is designed to meet the needs of those who take care of the websites of their customers over long time periods. This services is all about hosting a range of websites, rather than just one or two, and Siteground offers this appealing and practical service for forty-two dollars per annum (this is a starting price, prices will vary depending on how much service is needed). This reseller service makes it simple for clients to increase their earnings as they enjoy dependable Web hosting.

As you can see, comprehensive services are one key benefit of Siteground hosting.

Also, this company is growing fast, so it must be doing something right in terms of meeting the needs of its customers. It’s an independent company and it’s a big player in a range of tech communities, including WordPress and Joomla. People who do Web marketing also appreciate what this company has to offer.

In terms of deciding whether or not this company is the right one, it’s about more than services and company size and growth. It’s also about what you want from a Web hosting service. For example, you’ll need to think about your own project and how much you want to spend, then check to see if this service delivers the prices and performance that you need. Since it does cater to clients with different needs, from tiny start-ups to great big companies, and anything in between, it is a smart option for many customers.

This company is known for good website speed and real-life customers do love the speed that they access through their Siteground services. For example, the firm has a Time to First Byte rate which is really fast.

Siteground stores its array of servers in a variety of world capitals and this means that it’s easier to maintain server speed. It’s always better when a company spreads its servers out, as it makes it easier to transmit data quickly. At present, this company has servers in London, Singapore, Chicago and Amsterdam. This is the reason why Siteground server speed is so impressive. It’s something that clients appreciate.

This Company Has Great Features

If you want impressive tech features, you’ll find that this company delivers. It offer databases which are unlimited, as well as email accounts. Also, the team’s staff members perform backups on a daily basis. This makes it possible to maintain peak performance and to ensure that your precious data doesn’t get lost if your own backup doesn’t work for whatever reason.

Is SiteGround Hosting Right for You?

Now is the right time to learn more about Siteground. if you’re still on the fence about signing up for this company’s services, be sure to drop by its official website. When you do, you’ll be able to access detailed pricing information and signup services. When it comes to choosing a hosting company, Siteground definitely belongs to your short list. It’s a growing firm which offers good server speed, a host of hosting options (see below) and competitive prices. As well, some plans, such as cloud hosting, give users access to 24/7 technical support. This is really helpful to have!

While a lot of good hosting companies are out there, this is definitely a great one. By choosing this company, you’ll be choosing a strong player in the tech community. However, you don’t have to be a techie in order to benefit from this company’s services. It’s a fine choice for companies of all sizes. In other words, if you want Web hosting for your own personal website or blog, you will find it here, via shared hosting. If you want more, such as cloud-based services or dedicated servers, that will be at your fingertips also.


Now that we’ve shared more information about this company and all that it has to offer, we hope that you’ve gained a deeper understanding. We recommend comparing two or three Web hosting companies before making a final decision. Once you’ve learned about SiteGround and a couple of others, you’ll be ready to comparison-shop like a pro. It’s all about comparing company reputation, services and prices, as well as server speed, technical support and technical features.

Why I love SiteGround?

I love SiteGround for the three things they provide which are most essentials for your website to rank high in Google as well as it make your life easier to handle things yourself.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

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