Tips to Avoid Make Money Online Scams

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There are lot of complaints all over the forum that people get scammed online. Here in our website as we are sharing legit ways and means of making money online with most accurate resources to reach our goal, at the same time we are worry about huge online scams around us. So, we want to share tips to avoid online scams with our readers.

We can put online scams into two categories like General Online Scams and Make Money Online Scams. Although we are more conscious about make money online scams, yet as a great benefit to our readers here we are sharing few tips to avoid online scams in general. Here is the part one of this post which details on tips to avoid online scams in general.

How to Avoid Online Scams in General

Dealing with scam may present a real challenge to many people who shop online. As such, we offer a few tips that will guide you as you shop online in order to avoid being duped. Therefore, you should read on to discover how to avoid online scams.

Always Buy From a Trusted Site

First, you are advised to purchase from safe websites. For instance, if you find that the website opens many windows/pop-ups you do not need, this is a sign that it might not be legitimate. In the same vein, you should shop from big-name sites and retailers that have been in operation for a long time. To ensure that you are not duped, you should look at the product reviews that have been posted by previous users. Since there are website owners who may post their own reviews and fake that the same were posted by clients, you should go an extra mile to verify the authenticity of the reviews you see.

Avoid Email From Unknown Sources

Most scammers send their victims emails and then ask them to click on certain links or download attachments. After you click on the links or open the attachments, they always ask you to enter your personal details such as your bank account number. According to the Better Business Bureau, you should ignore such emails completely. Scammers send so many emails to potential victims and it is impossible for them to keep track of them. They only narrow down to those that respond to their bait. If you ignore scammers, they also ignore you.

Caution While Shoping Through Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have replaced computers. As such, many people have resorted to using mobile phones to transact online. However, mobile phones lack the protection that computers have. Such protections include antivirus and malware protection software. Avoid of entering your payment details on your phone. Instead, you should use the application of big retailers that come with such mobile phones. The advantage of such retailer mobile application is that they come with extra security.

Caution While Giving Your Personal Details

Sometimes, you may feel that you are dealing with legitimate companies until you are fleeced. As such, you should avoid companies that ask for your personal details for reasons that cannot be expressly understood. Details such as your social security number must never be divulged. In the same vein, you should avoid any further dealing with such suspicious companies. However compelled you may feel, you must never disclose your financial details to anyone as you shop online.

Avoid Giving Your Credit Card Details

Another way of boosting your cyber security is going for credit card transactions. Most cards come with extra protection that safeguards you against online scammers. Even if you get scammed, you will just contact the card issuers and have your money immediately returned. As such, you are supposed to contact the credit card company immediately you suspect that you may have fallen victim to scam. Since most sellers will ask for the four digits on the back, you will not have to disclose your full details and you will thus remain protected. If you must disclose your financial details make sure that you only accept to do so with companies that have long established integrity.

Make Use of Strong Password

Passwords also play a critical role as you seek to enhance your online security. Many people make the mistake of using passwords that are easy to predict. For instance, you should not use your year of birth as your password. In the same vein, you should mix all manner of characters in your password. This means that you combine both alphabets and numerals in your passwords. For extra security, you should change your passwords from time to time. This acts as a precaution in case someone comes across your passwords.

Ask for Refund If You Feel Suspicious

As you shop online, you reserve the right to cancel orders that you have already made. Therefore, you should not continue with a transaction if you feel that you may already fallen prey to scammers. Cancel the transaction and request for a refund. Even if they won’t accept to refund the money immediately, stopping is a precautionary measure that will help you avoid losing more funds.

Now here goes the part two of this article which deals with the tips to avoid make money online scams.

Tips to Avoid Make Money Online Scams

As 9 out of 10 programs of making money online are scams, most of the people finding a way to earn money online get scammed at some point of time in their life. That does not means all the internet marketing opportunities are scam. There are legit ways to make money online. Finding a legit way to make more money online is not very hard if you know the basics of how to avoid internet marketing scams.

The whole purpose of this post is to help the internet marketing opportunity seekers to get rid of all the bogus money making SCAMS. I can understand the pain one feels after a lot hard work and spending money on some programs and ultimately nothing comes in return.

Next time before you consider to buy some online money making opportunity or program, you must follow few basic principle to avoid get scammed. Here it goes…

1. A Video Sale Page: 

If the product only shows you a video page without any information to follow, then the product is likely to be scam.

2. No Contact Info

No contact info provided on the site means no legit company. If you are in doubt then contact their support and you should get reply to, otherwise I suggest to avoid that product or company. They are likely to be a fraud.

3. Product without a Support System

Before you buy a product test their support system. On your query they must reply timely. A legit company always maintain a good support system. A true company always care for their customers. If you don’t find a quality support system their then you should avoid the product.

4. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

A low quality product from Clickbank will repeatedly emphasize you of their 60 money back guarantee. Merely giving so long days guarantee does not make a product legit. This trick of long days refund guarantee make you buy the product.

5. Products with Many Upsells

There are products which offer you for less price (like $7) but once you purchase that you need to complete another few upsells and downsells which accumulate to buy you $100 and $1000 to complete the program. You should avoid those products. They are clear scam product. You avoid these type of product by buying product which offer only free trial or free membership product like Wealthy Affiliate.

6. Product with Unusual Claims

Product which claim to make you overnight outrageous claim is most likely a scam one. There is no way to make money fast without dedication, hard work and systematic training.

7. Product Promoted by Some GURU

Always recheck a product that is promoted by a well know GURU. Normally they help each by promoting product of other Guru’s. They get high commission in doing so.

8. Product with Fake or Scammy Pictures.  

If you see the product picture with a big mansion or some one sitting on the beach side with a open laptop in hand then consider that product as complete scam. If the company is legit then they need not to show this type of pic in their product page rather they should show the benefit of the product.

Follow the above tips as you do go forward with your online business to avoid losing money to swindlers and scammers. Remember that these are mere guidelines. Your prudent discretion and instincts should play a bigger role in guaranteeing your cyber security and preventing your heard earned money to go to the scammers.

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    • Pakiza says:

      My effort will be fruitful only when this post will help people all over the world to get distanced from online scams. Specially our readers of online money makers who are likely to be caught by scammers.

  1. Tracy says:

    Your have great tips on how to avoid scams. One thing I don’t like is when they have upsells like you said in the article. $1000 to complete the programs is a lot of money!

    • Pakiza says:

      Dear Tracy, There are few scam programs online are there which offer optional service in upsell like one on one mentor and they charge huge amount. So, $1000 upsell charge by scammers are the reality. I respect your concern. I am happy that these tips will help fellow internet marketers to get rid of fraud and scams.

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